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ooOoo 2019-04-21 23:38:48
______" target="_blank"> ____________________________Evan King - Odin____________________" target="_blank"> ____________________World Of Tanks - Move To Position_____________...
Stage & Screen 2019-03-04 17:46:45" target="_blank"> Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault - Schmerzen" target="_blank"> Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault - Sniper Town
ccCcc 2019-01-29 08:39:56" target="_blank"> ...
Ez történt ma 2014-01-29 21:04:34
Január 29. 953 MU'IZZ (Sicily) The Fatimite conqueror of Sicily, appointed Paltiel as his Vizier and physician. Paltiel was in charge of provisioning the army during Mu'izz's conquest of Egypt. Paltiel was a generous man and shared his wealth with many Jewish communities. His son Samuel brought his body to Jerusalem for burial. 993. január 29. Az első formális kanonizá...
Ez történt ma 2014-01-27 20:41:06
Január 27. 313 EDICT OF TOLERATION (Roman Empire) The Emperor Constantine and his co-emperor Licinius officially recognized Christianity. This edict authorized the toleration of different religions in the Roman Empire yet gave supremacy to Christianity. 921 AARON BEN MEIR (Eretz Israel) Leader and sage. He devised a change in the calendar, and as part of his efforts...
Ez történt ma 2014-01-25 22:43:08
Január 25. 1569 January 25, Phillip II (Spain) Issued the order to set up an inquisition in the New World. Five years later, Mexico was the first in the New world to establish one. (1478 November 1, POPE SIXTUS IV (Spain) At the request of King Ferdinand V and Queen Isabella, he issued a Bull empowering them to establish an inquisitional tribunal to investigate charges of h...
Ez történt ma 2014-01-21 21:54:20
Január 21. 700 ABU ISA AL-ISFAHNI (Persia) Began to preach a national Messianic movement, much to the anger of Caliph Abd al Malik. 1306 January 21, FRANCE Phillip the Fair, needing funds after his war with the Flemish, issued secret orders to ready for the expulsion of the Jews and the confiscation of their property. Any Jews found after a given date were to be exe...
Ez történt ma 2014-01-18 22:40:15
Január 18. 1597. január 18. Rádöbbenve arra, hogy az országában tartózkodó keresztény (főleg portugál) misszionáriusok ténykedése súlyos fenyegetést jelent Japán nemzeti egységére, sőt függetlenségére nézve, Tojotomi Hidejosi sogun elrettentésül keresztre feszítteti a Fülöp-szigetekről térítési szándékkal érkező spanyol ferenceseket. (Vö. 1598. szeptember 18.; 1614. november 2...
Ez történt ma 2014-01-16 21:40:44
Január 16. 115 - 117 THE SECOND ROMAN REBELLION (Roman Empire) While Trajan (98-117) was busy fighting against the Armenians and Parthians, a revolt which was mainly led by Jews, broke out in Cyprus, Egypt, and Cyrene on the north coast of Africa. In Cyrene, it was led by a Jewish "king" called Lukuas, and in Cyprus by Artemion. In Eretz Israel violence flared in the Jerusalem...
Ez történt ma 2014-01-09 23:48:04
Január 9. 1180 January 9, PHILIP AUGUSTUS (France) (The new king of France) arrested large numbers of Jews while his father, Louis VII, who tried to protect the Jews (though not always successfully) was still alive. All the Jews found in synagogues on the Sabbath were arrested. Philip agreed to free them for 15,000 silver marks. 1349. január 9. Az ,,istengyilkosok" ell...
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