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John D
  2012-01-12 08:58:20, csütörtök
  A rímről (részlet)
szerző: John Donne, fordító: Kosztolányi Dezső

... Mert mint megenyhül keskeny,
földnyelvről a szilaj-sós óceán,
azt gondolám, rímektől elgyötörve
fájdalmam is juhászodik talán.
Mértékre szedve a bánat sem oly vad,
béklyót reá, s ellágyul és megolvad...

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John D
  2011-11-18 18:06:58, péntek
  Tengeri betegség (részlet)
szerző: John Donne, fordító: Kosztolányi Dezső

... Mint végítéletkor, mikor a sír megindul...
Néhány riadt utas kukkan ki a kabinbul,
remegve kérdezik, nincs újság valami?
S hallják, mint bús férjek, mit nem jó hallani.
Csak ülnek a rácsnál és mintegy csúnya, félszeg,
ijedt tekintettel ijesztgetik a félszet.
Nyavalyás a hajó. Látják, az árbocot
váltóláz rázza ki, aztán az átkozott
tengert vízkór töri, minden kötél lazul,
fityegve lóg, akárha leszakad a húr,
s fönn a vitorla is himbál, mint rongydarab,
mint az akasztófán ki lánccal csüng, a rab...

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d 24
  2011-10-28 05:35:15, péntek
  Holy Sonnets

by John Donne

That wee may change to evennesse
This intermitting aguish Pietie;
That snatching cramps of wickednesse
And Apoplexies of fast sin, may die;
That musique of thy promises,
Not threats in Thunder may
Awaken us to our just offices;
What in thy booke, thou dost, or creatures say,
That we may heare, Lord heare us, when wee pray.

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d 23
  2011-10-28 05:29:52, péntek
  Holy Sonnets

by John Donne

Heare us, O heare us Lord; to thee
A sinner is more musique, when he prayes,
Than spheares, or Angells praises bee,
In Panegyrique Allelujaes;
Heare us, for till thou heare us, Lord
We know not what to say;
Thine eare to' our sighes, teares, thoughts gives voice and word.
O Thou who Satan heard'st in jobs sicke day,
Heare thy selfe now, for thou in us dost pray.

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d 22.
  2011-10-28 05:24:31, péntek
  Holy Sonnets

by John Donne

In Churches, when the'infirmitie
Of him which speakes, diminishes the Word,
When Magistrates doe mis-apply
To us, as we judge, lay or ghostly sword,
When plague, which is thine Angell, raignes,
Or wars, thy Champions, swaie,
When Heresie, thy second deluge, gaines;
In th' houre of death, th'Eve of last judgement day,
Deliver us from the sinister way.

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d 21.
  2011-10-28 05:20:27, péntek
  Holy Sonnets

by John Donne

When senses, which thy souldiers are,
Wee arme against thee, and they fight for sinne,
When want, sent but to tame, doth warre
And worke despaire a breach to enter in,
When plenty, Gods image, and seale
Makes us Idolatrous,
And love it, not him, whom it should reveale,
When wee are mov'd to seeme religious
Only to vent wit, Lord deliver us.

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  2011-10-28 04:58:01, péntek
  Holy Sonnets

by John Donne

Through thy submitting all, to blowes
Thy face, thy clothes to spoile; thy fame to scorne,
All waies, which rage, or justice knowes,
And by which thou could' st shew, that thou wast born;
And through thy gallant humblenesse
Which thou in death did' st shew,
Dying before thy soule they could expresses
Deliver us from death, by dying so,
To this world, ere this world doe bid us goe.

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  2011-10-28 04:55:37, péntek
  Holy Sonnet 19
by John Donne

Oh, to vex me, contraries meet in one:
Inconstancy unnaturally hath begot
A constant habit; that when I would not
I change in vows, and in devotion.
As humorous is my contrition
As my profane love, and as soon forgot:
As riddlingly distempered, cold and hot,
As praying, as mute; as infinite, as none.
I durst not view heaven yesterday; and today
In prayers and flattering speeches I court God:
Tomorrow I quake with true fear of his rod.
So my devout fits come and go away
Like a fantastic ague; save that here
Those are my best days, when I shake with feare.

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  2011-10-28 04:53:08, péntek
  John Donne



Show me, dear Christ, thy spouse so bright and clear.
What! is it she which on the other shore
Goes richly painted? or which, robbed and tore,
Laments and mourns in Germany and here?
Sleeps she a thousand, then peeps up one year?
Is she self-truth, and errs? now new, now outwore?
Doth she, and did she, and shall she evermore
On one, on seven, or on no hill appear?
Dwells she with us, or like adventuring knights
First travel we to seek, and then make love?
Betray, kind husband, thy spouse to our sights,
And let mine amorous soul court thy mild dove,
Who is most true and pleasing to thee then
When she is embraced and open to most men.

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d 17.
  2011-10-28 04:44:44, péntek
  Holy Sonnet XVII: Since She Whom I Loved Analysis

Since she whom I loved hath paid her last debt
To Nature, and to hers, and my good is dead,
And her soul early into heaven ravished,
Wholly on heavenly things my mind is set.
here the admiring her my mind did whet
To seek thee, God; so streams do show the head;
But though I have found thee, and thou my thirst hast fed,
a holy thristy dropsy melts me yet.
But why should I beg more love, whenas thou
Dost woo my soul, for hers offering all thine:
And dost not only fear lest I allow
My love to saints and angels, things divine,
but in they tender jealousy dost doubt
lest the world, flesh, yea, devil put thee out.

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