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  Breakbeat Hardcore

Stylistic origins:
Breakbeat, acid house, hip house, techno, British hip hop

Derivative forms:
Oldschool jungle, drum and bass, happy hardcore, 4-beat, big beat

Breakbeat hardcore (also called oldskool rave hardcore) is a genre of electronic dance music and a derivative of acid house and techno music of the late 1980s and early 1990s, that combines four-on-the-floor rhythms with breakbeats, and is associated with the UK rave scene. In addition to the including of breakbeats, the genre also features shuffled drum machine patterns, upbeat piano rolls and old-school hoover sounds.

Rave scene

The scene was driven around the M25 motorway (London's orbital motorway), and its audience was mainly urban teenagers and lower middle-class suburban teenagers with cars. The scene expanded rapidly in 1991, with large raves of 30-50,000 people attending in open air venues around England, put on by Spiral Tribe and other free party sound systems held at locations up and down the length of England. The late 1980s house music raves such as Sunrise UK spawned the idea of holding huge parties rather than hosting more intimate parties at small clubs. The breakbeat hardcore raves modeled their events after these early raves.

Effect and fragmentation

In the early years, the underground sound became more mainstream. Even without radio play, many hybrid and regional styles made their way into Top 20 charts. However, during the early 1990s, the two main subdivisions of this underground rave movement were primarily either "house" and "techno" (often used interchangeably or vaguely used to define a multitude of subgenres of house music) or "breakbeat hardcore". In approximately 1993, the latter scene fragmented, and forked off into two distinct styles - jungle music (later giving rise to drum and bass) and 4-beat (alternatively known as happy hardcore). This split was evident at the early Roast events. Roast was England's largest most respected original jungle promoter. The promoters of Roast referred to it as the house scene branching off and going in their own direction, not accepting the new jungle sound (which largely dropped the 4-on-the-floor house kick drum). Jungle's sound was more focused on basslines, often with jazz-like undertones, while 4-beat retained the rave synths, the 4/4 kickdrum and happier piano elements. By 1996, most 4-beat had dropped its breakbeats (in part due to bouncy techno), while drum and bass had long dropped the techno style synth stabs, further separating the two styles. The almost independent evolution of styles created distinct sounds of "bleep and bass", brutalist techno, hardcore jungle, pop-rave, UK garage, and ragga-techno sounds.

Darkcore (Darkside)

Stylistic origins:
Breakbeat hardcore, jungle, industrial

Darkcore or darkside is a music subgenre of breakbeat hardcore and jungle (not be confused with the more recent developments of hardcore) that became popular in the United Kingdom. It is recognized as being one of the direct precursors of the genre now known as drum and bass. Popular from late 1992 and through 1993, Darkcore was a counter movement to Happy Hardcore, which also evolved from Breakbeat Hardcore.


Darkcore is characterized by aggressive, often syncopated breakbeats; low frequency bass lines; and a strong 4-to-the-floor beat, owing to the subgenre's hardcore origins. Tracks are generally between 150 and 167 BPM, with 160 BPM being especially common. Many tracks feature dark-themed samples such as choirs, synthesizer notes, horror movie theme music, or cries for help.

As the style evolved, the use of horror elements was dropped as producers relied more on simple effects such as reverb, delay, pitch shifting and time stretching to create a chaotic and sinister mood. The use of time-stretching features on many tracks and gives a scratchy, metallic quality to some samples, particularly breakbeats.


Stylistic origins:
Oldschool jungle, breakbeat hardcore, darkcore

Hardstep is a subgenre of drum and bass which emerged in 1994. It is characterised by a gritty production style, that has an inner-city feel to it. The breaks are less cut-up sounding than oldschool jungle, and have faster and harder simple electronic melodies. One characteristic is an accentuated, yet sparse percussive beat.

The genre found favour with junglists, and though it has been overtaken in popularity by techstep, the fans of the style still remain. Nowadays, hardstep is particularly popular in the North American drum and bass scene, with artist like Evol Intent, Ewun and Dieselboy. Earlier Hardstep artists include DJ Hype and DJ Zinc.


Stylistic origins:
2-step garage, drum and bass, industrial music, darkcore techno

Techstep is a subgenre of drum and bass that was popular in the late 1990s.


It is characterized by a dark, sci-fi mood, near-exclusive use of synthesised or sampled sound sources, influences from industrial and techno music, and what some writers have described as a "clinical" sound. Although described as having a "techy" feel, techstep's relationship with techno should not be overstated. It shares the technique of creating a high-energy collage from abstract, synthetic noises, including samples, bleeps and squelches: it rarely uses instruments that have not been processed by effects. Similarly, quantized drum-machine kit and percussion sounds are favored over naturalistic human breakbeats. However, it usually adheres to drum and bass norms in other regards, especially in terms of musical structure, with the emphasis on the "drop". Techstep saw jungle music's obsession with bass change, from aiming for low and deep to exploring timbre, artists aiming to outdo each other with ever more distorted and "twisted" bass sounds.


Techstep developed from jungle music and hardstep around 1995. The name of the genre was coined by Ed Rush and Trace, who were both instrumental in shaping the sound of techstep. In this case, "tech" did not refer to the smoother style of Detroit techno, but to the raver, more caustic hardcore sounds that were popular in Belgium in the earlier part of the decade. Techstep was a reaction to more virtuosic and more pop musical elements in jungle and drum 'n' bass, which were seen as an adulteration of "true" or "original" jungle. Instead the genre was infused with a simpler, colder sound that stripped away most R&B elements, and replaced them with a more hardcore sound, and ideological influences like youth anti-capitalism movements, and dystopian films like Blade Runner and RoboCop.

One of the first incarnations of the techstep sound is DJ Trace's remix of T-Power's "Mutant Jazz" which appeared on S.O.U.R. Recordings in 1995. This remix, co-produced by Ed Rush and Nico, features the trademark stepping beats and distorted Reese bassline which would become symbolic of the techstep genre. The Torque compilation (No U Turn), the Techsteppin' compilation (Emotif), Breakage LP (Penny Black 1997), and Platinum Breakz 1, 2, and MDZ 01 (Metalheadz) feature some selections of techstep tracks.

Some of the original techstep producers eventually matured into the neurofunk style. Early pioneers include Trace, Ed Rush & Optical, Nico, Fierce, Teebee, Dom & Roland, Doc Scott and Technical Itch. Moving Shadow, Metalheadz, No U-Turn Records, Emotif and Renegade Hardware were important labels in the development of the style.

Now, the scene is led by artists such as Evol Intent, Apex, Black Sun Empire, Dreadnought, Klute, Noisia, Phace, Spor and Timecode.


Although skullstep was originally a derisive moniker for techstep (as was the word clownstep for jump up), it came to designate an especially repetitious and aggressive style of techstep similar to breakcore. A syncopated, dotted quarter note drum loop written by Limewax started the trend. While the drum loop resembled the kind heard in hardcore techno, it retained the syncopation of drum and bass music.

Other artists who produced tracks in this style include Current Value, Donny, Dylan, Gein, SNM, Axis & Trank, Surya.

For the hardcore genre, see Hardcore (electronic dance music genre).
For the drum and bass style, see Darkstep.


Stylistic origins:
Drum and bass, techstep

Darkstep (also known as Darkside) is a subgenre of drum and bass [better source needed] that fuses elements of dark drum and bass with uptempo breakbeats and ambient noises (similar to those characteristic of neurofunk). Darkstep music is typically composed in a chromatic scale. Off-time and erratically cut breakbeat samples feature prominently. [better source needed] Darkstep comes from techstep, better source needed] whereas neurofunk relies on science fiction soundscape and clean production. Darkstep uses traditional 1990s basslines like the Reese bass.

How to create 4x4 Garage/Bassline Drums in FL Studio
How to Make a 4x4 /UK Garage Drum Beat - By Jeremy Sylvester
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The withdrawal of drum and bass from the mainstream was not only a result of its growing fascination with its own (progressively darker) sound, but also resulted from the explosive birth and growing popularity of UK garage (2 step and 4x4 garage, aka speed garage), a musical genre heavily influenced by jungle, with similar beats, vocal and basslines but slower speeds and more friendly (or at least radio-friendly) beats. Drum and bass suddenly found itself losing popularity and established drum and bass producers expressed shock at its sudden alienation and abandonment by the general public. This turn fuelled the harder sound of techstep.

UK garage:

* 2-step
* 4x4
* Bassline
* Breakstep
* Dubstep
* Trap
* Funky
* Grime
* Speed garage

küb_beat sepsiszentgyörgyi színész, producer és dj. A sZempöl Zenekar alapító és mai napig aktív tagja. Dj-ként otthonosan mozog a 2009 óta dívó electroswing minden fajtájú és tempójú változataiban, a breakbeat ezredforuló környéki trekkjeiben és a tech-house hatású 4x4 alapú zenékben. Szettjei többnyire pozitív hangulatú muzsikákra alapszanak, de a mélyebb töltetű, hömpölygős ritmusokat is szívesen játssza. küb_beat 2012-ben megnyerte a legjobb erdélyi remixer díját a Médiabefutó dj-remix kategóriában. 2010 óta saját zenéit mások is szívesen játsszák.
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Címkék: interchangeably, characteristics, characteristic, progressively, fragmentation, alternatively, characterized, változataiban, approximately, characterised, particularly, relationship, electroswing, developments, kategóriában, incarnations, adulteration, instrumental, naturalistic, subdivisions, development, accentuated, abandonment, instruments, erratically, traditional, ideological, underground, prominently, dreadnought, compilation, fascination, techsteppin, synthesised, established, synthesizer, music subgenre, counter movement, strong 4-to-the-floor, gritty production, high-energy collage, more hardcore, derisive moniker, chromatic scale, musical genre, sZempöl Zenekar, breakbeat ezredforuló, tech-house hatású, mélyebb töltetű, legjobb erdélyi, Breakbeat Hardcore, Spiral Tribe, Sunrise UK, United Kingdom, Happy Hardcore, North American, Evol Intent, Earlier Hardstep, Blade Runner, Mutant Jazz, Breakage LP, Penny Black, Platinum Breakz, Technical Itch, Moving Shadow, U-Turn Records, Renegade Hardware, Black Sun Empire, Current Value, Bassline Drums, Garage Drum Beat, Jeremy Sylvester, Solid Grooves, Spit On You, BASSLINE MIX, PRIME TIME GRIME, Garage Mix, Very Best, Garage Classics, SPEED GARAGE,
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