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GOLDEN moment
  2012-06-28 13:34:38, csütörtök

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GOLDEN moment
  2012-06-28 13:31:19, csütörtök

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GOLDEN moment
  2012-06-28 13:30:28, csütörtök

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The Golden Globes – Red Carpet
  2012-06-28 13:29:44, csütörtök

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The Golden Globes – Red Carpet
  2012-06-28 13:27:38, csütörtök

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Clint Eastwood’s Daughter Sets $100,000 Handbag on Fir
  2012-06-22 17:22:32, péntek
  Clint Eastwood's Daughter Sets $100,000 Handbag on Fire
As part of boyfriend Tyler Shields' art project, Francesca Eastwood apparently tried to see just how many people on the Internet she could enrage


Francesca Eastwood with her boyfriend, Tyler Shields.
What's a purse when you've got money to burn? Francesca Eastwood and her photographer boyfriend, Tyler Shields, are facing a firestorm after producing a series of artworks in which they take a red crocodile Hermès Birkin handbag — versions of which sell for $100,000 — slash it with a chainsaw and light it on fire.

The photographs have prompted rage from all corners of the Internet. “Go and work for a living and see if you burn a 100k bag. Hell you wouldnt even be burning a 50 dollar bag. That is NOT art losers," posted one user on Shields' website. Many users were upset, pointing out that the money could have gone to someone in need.

(MORE: Premium Purse: At $3.8M, See the World's Most Expensive Handbag)

Shields, for his part, appeared eager to fan the flames at first. “Are you sad to see me destroy it?" he taunted on his Web page, linking to another series of photographs in which he burned a pair of $500 Christian Louboutin shoes. Eastwood claimed she participated in the photos in the “name of art."

In response to the outpouring of vitriol (and reported death threats, according to Grazia), Shields backed down, sort of, announcing he would donate $100,000 to a family in need — but only if the photos were sold.

If somebody wants to buy one of the Birkin photos, I will donate $100,000 — not to a charity — but to a family. I will give one family in need $100,000 cash.
(MORE: The Great Snooki Purse Prank: Designers Send Star Competitors' Bags)

Birkins can retail for over $100,000, depending on the materials and specific bag. Eastwood, a model and actress, regularly appears on the E! reality show Mrs. Eastwood & Company, which showcases her mother's attempt to manage a boy band.

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Clinically Dead’? How Many Kinds of Dead Are There? Ne
  2012-06-22 17:19:54, péntek
  Clinically Dead'? How Many Kinds of Dead Are There?
News reports declaring deposed Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak 'clinically dead' have onlookers confused. One would think 'dead' is a pretty straightforward characterization, but nowadays defining death is a little more complicated.


Members of the special forces stand guard while former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak lies on a bed while being taken to the courtroom at the police academy in Cairo, September 7, 2011.
On Tuesday, Egyptian news reports declared ousted and imprisoned president Hosni Mubarak “clinically dead" after suffering a stroke and requiring artificial respiration at a military hospital. Later, Egyptian officials denied that Mubarak was clinically dead, saying instead that his health was deteriorating and he was in critical condition.

The back and forth left everyone wondering about the health of the former president — and what it means to be “clinically dead." “Of all things, defining death seems like something that should be fairly obvious and uncomplicated," says Leslie Whetstine, a bioethicist at Walsh University in Ohio. “It can be quite difficult, though, not because of a lack of technology, but because we simply have so much of it."

Two centuries ago, doctors had difficulty calling time of death because of a lack of adequate tests — holding mirrors up to a patient's mouth to check for breath was one old-school method. Today, it can be difficult because of too many advanced tests. “In the new millennium we have so many sophisticated tools that can monitor the most basic functions that determining when death has occurred can be confounding," says Whetstine.

(VIDEO: New Hope for Brain Trauma Victims)

There are two definitions of death. The traditional one is based on the irreversible cessation of respiratory and circulation functions. “A person is declared dead when their heart stops beating, they are no longer breathing and they have no circulation for several minutes and they are not on any sort of life support," says Dr. James Bernat, a professor of neurology and medicine at Dartmouth.

The other, neurological definition is “brain dead." This means that all brain functions and abilities have ceased irreversibly, even though the person may be breathing on a respirator or ventilator. “In practice there are relatively few issues with this," says Bernat. “Some countries and some religions do not accept brain death, but the majority do."

Because our technology is so advanced, however, we can now ask several further questions that may complicate the process of declaring death. “You may ask, Do a few neurons firing contradict the definition of brain failure? How much of the brain needs to be ‘dead' before we declare total brain failure? What parts can still function and for how long?" says Whetstine.

(MORE: Tips For Families Facing End of Life Care)

In the case of Mubarak, there are several contradicting reports. Some accounts say he slipped into a coma after a stroke, was near death and placed on life support. Others say he is not on life support, but remains unconscious. The latest claim, by one of Mubarak's lawyers, is that the deposed president simply fell in a prison bathroom, which caused a blood clot in his neck; doctors treated the clot, gave Mubarak an MRI, and now the patient is stable.

The New York Times reported:

The former president's health has been a source of constant speculation and suspicion since his imprisonment. Mr. Mubarak has had health problems for years, but the flood of reports and scares in recent weeks led many Egyptians to believe that the military rulers, determined to move Mr. Mubarak from prison, were using those accounts to prepare the public for such a move.
Low ranking security officers, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals, speculated that the previous night's reports that Mr. Mubarak was on the edge of death were part of a scheme to transport him out of Egypt for care. Indeed, many Egyptians on Wednesday wondered if the state news agency reports of his near death were all a morbid hoax.
(MORE: No Regrets! Successful Aging Means Letting Go of ‘What Ifs?)

Regardless of how close to death Mubarak really is, experts say the phrase “clinically dead" should not be used. “When the media uses the term ‘clinical death,' they're really doing the public a disservice. They should simply say the person died and [whether] death was declared using the heart-lung criteria or neurologic criteria," says Whetstine. “To say someone is clinically dead kind of makes you wonder if they're really dead at all."

Medical professionals do not use the phrase “clinically dead," though some patients will use the term to describe touch-and-go moments, such as when they have to be resuscitated during a heart attack. “It's wrong to say this, but it is commonly used by non-medical people. It's just not medically accurate," says Bernat.

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Halle Berry Ordered to Pay $240,000 in Child Support Read m
  2012-06-22 17:16:59, péntek
  Halle Berry Ordered to Pay $240,000 in Child Support

A court ordered the 'Monster's Ball' actress to pay her ex, model Gabriel Aubry, $20,000 a month in child support for their daughter Nahla.

How much are Oscars worth? Halle Berry may want to consider selling her gold statuette after a Los Angeles family court judge ordered her to pay $240,000 a year in child support.

The Monster's Ball actress has been battling in court with her ex-boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry, for years over custody of their young daughter Nahla, 4, but this is the first time the court has set an amount for child support. In May, Aubry asked a Los Angeles judge to award him the sum in order to support Nahla. Now Berry's ex-boyfriend can expect $20,000 a month from the actress, TMZ reports.

(LIST: What Can $46,000 a Month Buy a Kid? Inside Linda Evangelista's Exorbitant Child Support Request)

The Oscar winner, 45, split from Aubry, 36, in April 2010 after dating for close to five years. While the couple had initially hoped to work out a peaceful custody arrangement, it hasn't ended up that way. The couple has been in court for years trying to work out custody and care arrangements. Last year, Berry told People magazine, “Our issues were never about fighting for her. We both know a child needs both her parents. But what I want to say about it is sometimes, as a couple, you reach an impasse. We needed a court and a judge to help us work out some of the delicate issues ... because for her sake, this is the best way. We both love her more than life." Now Berry is seeking the court's permission to let her move Nahla to Paris, where Berry hopes to move with her her fiancé, French actor Olivier Martinez.

(LIST: Halle Berry, ‘Botox Mom' and 11 Other Notorious Custody Battles)

While most people would consider a quarter of a million dollars a year more than sufficient income to raise a four-year old, remember, the amount the judge awarded Aubry is less than half of what model Linda Evangelista requested in support from her baby's father.

MORE: Being 42 and having just had a baby, I think I'll take it.

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Queen Elizabeth II Gets a 20% Raise
  2012-06-22 17:14:37, péntek
  Even as austerity grips the rest of the country, the Queen will take home $56 million next year thanks to a red-hot property portfolio.

The Duchess of Cambridge laughing with Queen Elizabeth at a sports event
She owns the most property of any individual in the country as well as most of the seabed around Britain and she just enjoyed a four-day celebration involving a 1,000-vessel flotilla on London's River Thames to mark her 60th year in the job. Life couldn't get much better than this - unless of course you are given a 20 percent pay rise.

(MORE: 86 Surprising Facts About Queen Elizabeth II)

Following changes to the law that will come into effect in 2013-14, Queen Elizabeth II's pay is set to jump to a whopping $56 million a year. Funding for the Royal Household is pegged at 15 percent of the profits from the Crown Estate - a portfolio of property that includes wind farms, retail parks and notable addresses in central London.

The law is designed so that her pay would rise and fall with that of Britain's economy, but even as many of her subjects are grappling with a recession the Crown Estate portfolio has posted a record profit of $377.4 million. In response to the news the Estate's chief executive, Alison Nimmo, commented: “It's a great set of results and I'm sure everyone's going to be happy."

This surely includes the Royal household staff, whose salaries are paid out of the Queen's funds. (The money also goes towards various Queenly expenses including the Royal laundry, stationery and covering the cost of Royal events.)

The timing, however, is rather awkward coming on the same day that the head of the British civil service announced that budget cuts to the austerity-hit government could drag on for another ten years.

The Queen is no stranger to belt-tightening when necessary - the current pay level is less than half of the $121 million she was given in 1991.

(PHOTOS: Prince William Turns 30)

Britain's monarchy has traditionally been funded in part by taxpayers, ever since King George III ceded all property profits to the treasury in 1760. The Royal Household is careful to draw a distinction between its different sources of funding and the Queen's personal income, which is separate. As stated on its website: “Estimates of the Queen's wealth often mistakenly include items which are held by her as Sovereign on behalf of the nation and are not her private property." These include the Crown Jewels and most of the Royal Estates.

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